Steam Cleaning Services

Ice Crystal Cleaning Services LLC provides the professional home steam cleaning service for commercial and residential properties in Dubai. We understand that every project is unique and requires maximum attention and our specialized teams accommodate the needs of every client accordingly. Whether you need rough steam cleaning and sanitizing or just a touch up cleaning, we can do it!
What are the benefits of steam cleaning?
Steam is a natural source using just clean water to create a powerful cleaning force.
The absence of potentially harmful and expensive chemicals makes it an extremely easy, safe and cost effective way to clean round your home.
Steam leaves no toxic residues on surfaces and won't stain clothing.
Steam kills well known bacteria such as e-coli, listeria, and salmonella.
Using only water means it's environmentally friendly as well.
Steam cleaner are not one application appliances they can be used virtually anywhere for a wide variety of tasks. They are more versatile than a vacuum cleaner.
How does steam clean?
It's very simple really. Dirt and grime have adhesive qualities that enable them to stick onto all types of surfaces. The heat of the steam melts the adhesive and the dampness of the steam dilutes the adhesive. A wipe with a cloth quickly clears the dirt or grime away.

Steam cleaning