COLD FOG and ROTE BRUSH technology.

We are only the company in UAE doing 100% sanitizing of all the parts separately and duct full cleaning with unique ECO product.

We are providing professional DUCT AC cleaning in Dubai UAE. This is very important to clean your AC, because in this country AC is ON 24 hours in a day. So, can you imagine how dirty is it after sometimes using?

You breathe the air and that is very important to keep your AC system clean. Have deep cleaning service at least once in a year.



One of the main factors of trust is the confidence that you have transferred your equipment to reliable specialists! The Ice Crystal team can competently diagnose it, serve and, if necessary, make skilled deep cleaning. Let’s try to convince you of this.

The main indicator of professionalism is already done work. When you can look at it, feel it with your hands, feel and understand that in the end everything has been done, as it should be, that it works and you understand that this work was performed by really technically literate people who have considerable practical experience and love their work. So after the inspection we will provide you an estimate with suggestions. You can decide which kind of package do you need.
After the service you will receive the report with pictures attached from our team.

Call us today and get free inspection.


Upholstery cleaning service. Book sofa + carpet cleaning and get 20% discount

External window cleaning. Starting from 299.00 DHS Pure water/unique technology


Home cleaning service offer. Coupon book, Get a 35.00 DHS per hour and don't care about the cash change


Sign a contract with and get more benefits. Same cleaner, same time and personal manager assistance.


Book steam cleaning to sanitize or degrees your place and get discount for home cleaning up to 50Dhs


Marble polishing. Book marble polishing service and get 3hours of cleaning services for free.

Book home cleaning 5 times in a row and get mattress cleaning services for free. (not more than 1 item)

Book AC duct cleaning service and get home cleaning up to 4 hours for free. (depends of location)